Setup Buy X Get Y Product Combo

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You will need to create a new Discount that include the X product when the customer purchase it they will get the Y product for free or for some % discount

You can create “Buy X Get Y Product Combo” by click on the “Add Section” button → Search “Combo Discount” → Install “Buy X Get Y Product Combo” section

After that, you can add the product that you just add to the discount code. (Remember to set the Main product and the Bonus Product correctly)

You can click on the component you want to edit within the section, and the corresponding settings will open on the left side.

You can even change the countdown timer type between “Fixed Discount” and “Specific Date”

  • When you choose the “Fixed Minute” then the app will count down from what ever time you set it to and after that the app will reset the timer to your preset date to create an infinite loop. This option will create a FOMO and will boost your customer interaction with your product combo.
  • When you choose the “Specific date” the app only countdown to that specific time and WILL NOT reset after the timer ended
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Setup Buy X Get Y Product Combo

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