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Complementary products are items typically used in conjunction with, or enhance the value of, the primary products.

Thus, showcasing complementary products to customers facilitates the discovery of new items and has the potential to boost sales of your Store.

Create complementary products

Best practices for related product recommendations

As the Shopify recommended, the products that you recommend can increase the chance that a customer will find relevant products, which can lead to increased sales. Consider the following best practices when designing a product recommendation strategy for your online store:

  • Choose product recommendations that you are confident customers will find useful.
  • Allow automatically generated product recommendations to display with your custom recommendations, because the automatically generated recommendations adjust to reflect changes to your products and customer activity. This will also make sure recommendations are displayed when your custom product recommendations are sold out or unpublished.

Create product recommendations

Step 1: Install Shopify Search & Discovery app.

Step 2: In the Shopify Search & Discovery app, click recommendations.

Step 3: Select a product that you want to customize product recommendations for.

Step 4: Select up to 10 Complementary products.

Display Complementary Products on Product page

Step 1: Log into Vedabuilder then navigate to Page and click on Product Pages.

Step 2: Edit or create a new page.

Step 3: Click Add Section button and search for “complementary” keyword.

Step 4: Select a design that you want and click Install button.

Step 5: Complete your settings and click Publish page.


Why do I complete all the above settings, but the Complementary products section does not appear on my product?

If a complementary product has been added to the cart before, it won’t appear again. If all the complementary products have been added to the cart, this section won’t appear.

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Add complementary products

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