How to set up font family in Veda builder

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Veda supports over 200 font family options for you. To make the theme more performant, we recommend using System fonts

How to Set Up Font Family in Veda

The Font Family option is located under the Theme Settings area. You can navigate to this area by clicking on the Settings icon within the Page, and then proceeding to the Theme Settings section.

Alternatively, from the Dashboard, you can click on Theme -> Theme Settings.

Which elements will the Font Family affect?

  1. Font Secondary: By default, all elements that are titles of the website or of a section will use the Font Secondary.
  2. Font Primary: Elements that are the content of an article or section will use Font Primary.
  3. Other fonts: Font Tertiary and Quaternary are not used for the default elements of Veda. These are fonts that you may want to customize for any specific element on the website—for example, a headline that you want to make stand out.

How can I add a custom font to a specific element?

Veda allows you to customize the font for a specific element; this setting can be found in the Typography -> Font Family area.

Please watch the video below for more detailed instructions on how to customize fonts.

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How to set up font family in Veda builder

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