Highlight/Compare Product Features

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What is the “Highlight Product Features” addon?

The “Highlight Product Features” addon enables you to highlight or compare the features of products to make the most accurate purchasing decisions. This feature uses Shopify metafields, allowing you to create information for each of your products.

You are advised to use this addon in the following sections:

  1. Product Grid/Carousel
  2. Product Bundle
  3. Featured Products
  4. Product Details

Tutorial Video

This is a tutorial video for using this feature. Please watch the video and combine it with reading the detailed step-by-step guide below to fully utilize the feature.

Step-by-step guide

How to Create Metafields

The “Highlight Product Features” addon supports all types of metafields. However, you are encouraged to create the following metafields:

  • Rich text
  • Dimension
  • Volume
  • Weight

Follow these steps to create metafields:

In Shopify admin > Settings > Custom data > Products > Add definition

Name your metafield type, for example, “Shipping” if you want to show shipping information, or “Material” or “Size” if you want to show the material and size of the product.

Then, click the “Select type” button and choose the type of metafield you want to use. In my case, I would choose “Rich text”. Don’t forget to click the “Save” button.

A new metafield will now be created in ALL your products. To add information to a specific product, go to that product and enter the information in the metafield.
Follow these steps:
Products > Find and click on the product you want to add metafield information to.

Scroll down and click on the metafield to enter information.

Install “Highlight Product Features” addon in Veda Builder

In Veda Builder, under the “Addons” tab, click on the “Add Add-ons” button to open the addon library.

Find and install the “Highlight Product Features” addon.

Click on the addon to open its settings, click “Pick live position” to choose a position for the addon.

You are advised to use this addon in the following sections:

  • Product Grid/Carousel
  • Product Bundle
  • Featured Products
  • Product Details

Then click “Save” to save the position.

Click on “Content” to add the metafields you created earlier.

In the Value section, delete the default value and select the metafield you want to show. Click on the “database” icon to open metafields.

If you can’t find the metafield you just created, click on the circular icon to update the latest data.

You can add icons and design elements like colors and fonts to make your highlights more attractive. After customizing, remember to publish the page, and the metafield data will appear on your store.

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Highlight/Compare Product Features

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