Veda Product Variant Metafields

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The Veda Product Variant Metafields Documentation provides comprehensive information on leveraging metafields within the Veda product variant system. Metafields offer a powerful way to extend the capabilities of product variants, enabling enhanced customization and detailed information storage for a diverse range of products.

This documentation serves as a guide for developers, administrators, and merchants aiming to optimize the potential of Veda’s product variant metafields.

Veda Product Variant Metafields


Setting Up Metafields

Step 1: Setting up Metafield

  • Go to Settings > Custom Data > Variants > Add Definitions.
  • Fill the required fields
    • Name
    • Description
    • Type (For now Veda only support the meta field that have the output is number, text but not List)
  • Click Save

How to add on Subscribe Popup to your page

Step 1: Click Add-on → Add Add-ons

Step 2: Choose the “Product Variant Metafields” add-on that you want to install and click “Add”

Step 3: Add addon to a position on the page (The position you choose MUST in the Product Infomation section)

Click on the “Pick live position” to choose the add-on position.

After click on the “Add addons” to pick the position, finally click on the Save Changes

Show the metafield data to Product page with Veda’s Product Variant Metafields Add-on

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Veda Product Variant Metafields

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