Customize without affecting your live theme

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Your store is currently selling normally, and you want to use Veda to edit a theme without affecting your current theme. Here’s a tip to help you edit a theme or page using Veda Builder without impacting your current theme.

Step 1: Create a copy of your current theme

In my case, I am using the “Dawn” theme. I go to Online Store > Theme > Current Theme > Duplicate.

I have already created a copy of the current “Dawn” theme in the draft theme area.

Step 2: Select the copy theme to sync Veda template

Access Veda Builder & navigate to the area “Customize without affecting your live theme.” Choose the copy of your live theme to synchronize the Veda template. If you cannot find the copy theme, you can click on the circular icon to update the latest data. In my case, I’ll select “Copy of Dawn” theme.

Don’t forget to hit the button “Save”.

Step 3: Publish the copy theme.

Once you have completed the edits in Veda Builder, you only need to publish the duplicate copy.

Please note that any changes made to the duplicate copy will not impact your original theme, allowing you to experiment and make modifications safely.

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Customize without affecting your live theme

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