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Install Judge.me Product Reviews

First, you need to install Judge.me Product Reviews app via this link.

After installing it successfully, you will see the app dashboard on your Shopify dashboard.

Enable Judge Me Theme App Extension

In order to use Judge Me app, You must enable its theme app extension, it’s required by Shopify nowsday.

Step 1: Click on Online Store

Step 2: Click on Customize button on the theme that you want to modify

Step 2: Click on Theme App Extension icon, then search for this keyword Judge. You will see Core Snippet appears, now switch to enable mode and click save button.

Add Judge.me Review tab while using Veda Builder

After you install Judge me successfully, you can go to Veda Builder Dashboard by clicking this link and enter your shop name like below in to the input box like this

or go to your “Apps” and click on “Veda Builder”

Video Tutorial: How to add Judgeme review widget

After that, you can go to the Any page and insert the Judgeme review into any positions. Please bear in mind that if you want to add MORE THAN ONE review widget on one page, you need to insert Judgeme addon more than once. Watch this video to know how to do it properly.

Judge.me provide to you many types of review form that you can choose from.

Get a Sneak Peek: Experience the Judge Me Review Widget in Action!

  • All Reviews Text

  • Verified Reviews Count Badge

You will need 20 verified review in order to use this

Verified Reviews Count Badge

  • Medals

You will need 10 verified review in order to use this

Medals After Imported To Veda Builder Product Page

  • Preview Badges

Preview Badges

  • Featured Carousel

Featured Carousel

  • Review Page

You will need an upgraded plan of the “Judge Me” app in order to use this feature

  • Review Widget

This widget only works in the product page.

Review Widget After imported To Veda Builder Product Page

  • Preview Badges

It’s recommended to install the preview badge on your collection and product pages, but this may vary depending on the theme.

Preview Badges After Imported To Veda Builder Product Page

To incorporate the “Review Widget” and “Preview Badges” into the product page’s “Product Detail Tabs” section, it is necessary to place them within the designated Review tab. Discover the step-by-step guide on how to achieve this integration below.

Import reviews from Aliexpress using Judgeme

First, you need to install Judge.me AliExpress Reviews app

Open the app and click Import Reviews from AliExpress.

When the pop-up appears, fill in all the necessary information, including the URL of the AliExpress product and the name of the Shopify product to which you want to import the reviews from AliExpress. You can find the Shopify product by typing its name in the box.

You can apply specific criteria in Judge.me AliExpress Reviews to get the set of reviews you want. Learn more about the meaning of these import criteria here.

You can import up to 500 reviews at one time, and you can make an unlimited amount of repeat imports. The more reviews you import, the longer the import process will take. After every import, you can see the results on your Home dashboard.

For more information, please follow this documentation.

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