Mega Menu Header & Footer

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  • Create a professional and cohesive appearance across all pages of your website.
  • Add your logo, mega menu, and sales-boosting icons for enhanced branding.
  • Improve navigation and user experience with a well-organized header and footer design.
  • Enhance credibility and trustworthiness by presenting a polished and consistent interface.

How to set up

Watch the video below to know how to set up:

Turn on Mega Menu in case you turned it off

In case the Header section doesn’t have mega menu or you accidentally turned off mega menu. You can turn it on by following the below steps.

Click the Header section > Navigation > Menu

Drag and drop one item under another item to create a submenu

Turn on Mega menu and click “Content” to choose Mega menu template

Global Header & Footer area

If you want to customize Global Header & Footer that will be applied to all pages of your theme, you can go to this area

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Mega Menu Header & Footer

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