Error when publishing to Shopify: Section content exceeds 256kb

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Why does this error occur?

Shopify has set data limitations to ensure optimal performance for its platform. One of these restrictions is the 256kb data limit for page sections. When you add a significant number of items to a single section in Veda Builder, such as a “Header” section, the cumulative data size can exceed this limit, resulting in the error.

How can you fix this?

The solution is straightforward: reduce the number of items in the problematic section. By streamlining the content and ensuring you stay within Shopify’s data size constraints, you’ll be able to publish your page without encountering the “reached 256kb” error.

Step 1: Identify the Problematic Section

  • When you come across the error, a notification will appear with this content: {"log":"{\"errors\":{\"asset\":[\"Template content exceeds 256 KB limit.\"]}}","id":"section_653792da0fb7b52a28624e1b","message":"Missing write file Hero beauty 2 to your shop!"}
  • Within this notification, take note of the message: “Missing write file Hero beauty 2 to your shop!” Here, “Hero beauty 2” indicates the name of the section causing the issue.

Step 2: Navigate to the Section in the Settings Panel

  • On the Veda Builder interface, look to the settings panel on the left side of your screen.
  • Scroll through the sections listed until you find one named “Hero beauty 2”.

Step 3: Optimize the Section

  • Once you’ve located the “Hero beauty 2” section, click on it to view its content.
  • Carefully review the items within this section and then reduce the number of items in this section.

Step 4: Publish Your Changes

  • After making the necessary adjustments to the “Hero beauty 2” section, press the “Publish” button to save and apply your changes.
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Error when publishing to Shopify: Section content exceeds 256kb

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