Size Chart & Image Uploader

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đź“ťNote: When you add Size Chart & Image Uploader addon via Theme Builder, it will applied to all products.

Add the addon to all products

Step 1: Click Add-on → Add Add-ons

Step 2: Install the “Size Chart & Image Upload” by clicking “Add” button

Step 3: Click on the “Pick live position” to choose the add-on position.

Step 4: After click on the “Add addons” to pick the position, finally click on the Save Changes

Choose the display type

There are two types of image display: Default display and popup display

Default image display

The uploaded image is displayed immediately.

Image popup display

The uploaded image will be displayed after shoppers clicked on “Size chart” text

Pick the position

After you select the display type and upload your image, you should pick the position.

You can add size chart to any position. Remember to hit “Save changes”

When you’re done customizing, don’t forget to publish page

Video tutorial

Here’s the video tutorial for you to better understand.

Add the addon to specific products

In case you want to add a different image for specific products. There are two ways you can do it: Add the addon via Page Builder & use metafield.

Add the addon via Product Page Builder

You need to create each page for each product with a different image. Under Page area, click Product Page > Create a new page > Choose the products you want to add a different image. And repeat above steps to install the addon and upload a new image.

Use Metafield

Veda auto-created a metafield named “Veda Size Chart” to all products. You just need to upload a new image.

On the Shopify admin, go to “Products” & select the product you want to add a new image. In my case, I’ll choose the product “Aiamond Calo Stud Aenean.”

Scroll down to the “Metafields” area, and click “Show all”.

Find and click on “Veda Size Chart” to open its settings. Hit “Select file” button to upload a new image.

In this way, Aiamond Calo Stud Aenean will have a different image compared to other products.

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