Product Popup

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With the Product Popup Add-On, you can captivate your visitors’ attention by displaying attractive and interactive pop-ups that highlight your featured products, limited-time offers, or special promotions. These eye-catching pop-ups appear at strategic moments during the user journey, such as when a customer lands on your homepage, initiates checkout, or tries to exit the site.

Product Popup Demo

Product Popup Demo

How to add add-on to your product page.

Step 1: Click Add-on → Add Add-ons

Step 2: Choose the add-on that you want to install and click “Add”

How to customize some visual elements in the add-on

Delay popup: This setting let you choose when the pop-up appear

Choose when the popup reappears after the customer closes it.

Customize the popup header text.

Choose the products show on the popup

After that you can choose the collection you want to show on the popup

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Product Popup

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