LAI Product Review

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Install LAI Product Reviews

First, you need to install LAI Product Reviews app via this link.

After installing it successfully, you will see the app dashboard on your Shopify dashboard.

Import LAI Review Snippet to your Theme

In order to use LAI review app, You must import its snippet, it’s required by Shopify nowsaday.

Step 1: Click on Setting

Step 2: Choose the theme you want to import

Step 3: Click Integrate

Add LAI Review add-on while using Veda Builder

After you install and integrate successfully, you can go to Veda Builder Dashboard by clicking this link and enter your shop name like below in to the input box like this

or go to your “Apps” and click on “Veda Builder”

Video Tutorial: How to add LAI review widget

After that, you can go to the Any page and insert the LAI review into any positions. Please bear in mind that if you want to add MORE THAN ONE review widget on one page, you need to insert LAI addon more than once. Watch this video to know how to do it properly.

Choose widget type: there are 3 main types

Star ratings, Product review section, Advanced widgets.

Advanced widgets include 4 layouts: Card grid, Testimonial, Card Carousel, Media Gallery

Star rating: Can be placed on any page but must be placed within sections using products such as: Product Information, Featured Product, Product Grid, Product Carousel,…

Product review section: Can only be placed on the product page.

Advanced widgets: Can be placed on any page

 + Card grid

 + Testimonial

 + Media Gallery

 + Card Carousel

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