How to set Related Products for Product Recommendation

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Note: For the Recommendation Section, the Veda Editor will display a placeholder product to help you understand the display method.

The actual product will be shown when customers visit your website. You can also click on ‘Publish Page’, and then click on the preview link to view the display.

Add Related Product section in Veda Builder

Step 1: Hit “Add Section” > Find & click “Recommendations” section > “Install” your fav template

Step 2: Click the section to open its settings. You can set how many products you want to show

How to set products to show on Recommendation section

How to set up Recommendation 1, Recommendation 2, Recommendation 3, Recommendation 4

There are two ways to set which products are shown on the Recommendation section: automatically and manually

Specify related products automatically

Shopify has recommendation logic that can auto-display related products based on:

  • Purchase history: Products that have historically been purchased together.
  • Product description: Products with similar descriptions.
  • Related collections: Products from collections that the current product is part of.

For example, I created a Collection “Under 500$” with products in the screenshot

When customers visit “Duo Ring” belonging to the Collection “Under 500$”, they will see other products in the Collection “Under 500$”

Specify related products manually

You can set related products manually by using a free app named Shopify Search & Discovery

  • Install the app to your Shopify admin dashboard
  • Select “Recommendations” > “Add recommendations”

Select the product you’d like to add recommendations to & Select products that are good alternatives to the original product.

Customers will see manually added related products & auto-generated related products under the original product

How to set up Recommendation 5

Product Recommendations 5 is a unique feature that fetches related products based on the Product Type or Product Vendor.

Step 1: Click on ‘Add section’ and insert ‘Recommendation 5’.

Step 2: Click on ‘Product Settings’, where you can choose to fetch related products based on Product Type or Vendor.

Step 3: Return to your Shopify, then click on ‘Products’ -> ‘Edit a Product’, where you will add the Product Type and Vendor for the product.

At this point, when you visit a product, other products with the same Vendor or Product Type will be displayed.

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How to set Related Products for Product Recommendation

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