Article Page Building

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An alluring article page can make visitors linger and read more.

For example, you want blog posts not only informative but also attractive so you can turn readers into buyers. Veda’s article page templates can provide what you exactly need. You’ll just need to:

  • Click on Article Page on the sidebar
  • Hit Create new page button

  • Blank Page: Create an article page from a blank page OR
  • Install an article page template and customize it to your own unique needs.

If you want to apply to all articles, tick "All" option. Otherwise, you can select specific article(s) you wish to apply new page design. Remember to use "Search" function to find the articles faster.

  • When you finish customizing the template, you can save it as a draft or publish it.

⚠️Heads up: See What’s the difference between the two buttons: “Publish and do not override” vs. “Confirm override”?

Written by Veda Builder – Next-Generation Shopify Page Builder Team.

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Article Page Building

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