Avoid Product Image Cut-Off with Just One Simple Setting

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What’s Aspect Ratio?

During the product setup process for display on your Store, you may sometimes notice that the product images are cut off, as shown below.

This can make your products look unappealing to shoppers, and important information in the image, like Sale Off tags, may even get cropped out.

Aspect ratio is a feature that ensures your images always display fully and beautifully in the Product Grid.

How can I setup this feature?

If you import products from Aliexpress, the value of the Aspect Ratio is always 100.

Step 1: Determine the dimensions of the image.

You can easily determine the image dimensions by clicking on the largest image of your product. As the following example, the image width is 1000px and the image height is 1000px.

Step 2: Next, you can calculate the Aspect Ratio value using the following formula.

Aspect Ratio = (Width / Height)*100

Applying to the above example:

Aspect Ratio = (1000/1000)*100 = 100

Step 3: Finally, you will click on the Product Grid section, search for Aspect Ratio, and enter the value you just calculated above.

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Avoid Product Image Cut-Off with Just One Simple Setting

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